Computer University (Kalay) was opened on 27, September 2001 as Government Computer College (GCC). It was promoted as Computer University on 20, January 2007. Computer University (Kalay) is located 10 miles from Kalaymyo, Sagaing Region and 14 miles from Kalewa, near Ayethayar village. It has 38.6 acres.


  • To produce more experts who have the practical ability to invent, install, repair, experiment with, and apply computer hardware and software with a view to making Myanmar a modern and developed nation.
  • To foster the outstanding products of the University to become high caliber experts.
  • To conduct research contributing to the welfare of the nation and to carry out research and development activities on Information Technology utilizing the high caliber experts.
  • To make the use of computer proliferate all over the country.


  • To support for the emergence of peaceful and developed nation with the advancement of computer techniques.
  • To produce qualified computer degree holders.
  • To develop research on the benefit of the country.
  • To develop a good learning environment for students and teaching skills for teachers


  • To implement practically by learning developing and changing new subjects.
  • To prepare the infrastructure in accordance with the university’s features.
  • To produce qualified computer graduates.
  • To conduct research work continuously by learning developed changing new technologies.
  • To nurture human capital.
  • To improve job opportunities and career inspirations.
  • To be a university environment providing the requirements of a society.