Admission Requirements

Students must have the following Admission Requirements:

  • a certificate of passing matriculation
  • both of students and parents’ original and copy National Registration Card
  • a medical checkup letter from Department of rural health or regional clinic or public hospital
  • a recommendation letter for good moral and honest from relevant police station and a recommendation from local or community administrator
  • 4 passport photos taken within 6 months, (boys have to wear white shirt and girls have to wear Myanmar traditional white blouse)
  • a copy of household schedule

Rules and Disciplines

  • Students are required to fulfill the attendance percentage up to 75% for every course work year. Otherwise they have no chance to sit for the exams during that academic year.
  • Students with less than 75% of attendance would be regarded as a failed grade for the first time of that academic year.
  • Students are not allowed wearing clothes that against Myanmar’s traditional. The complete school uniform, prescribed in school policy, should be worn at all times within the school premises on school days (from Monday to Friday)
  • The complete school uniform must be:
  • a dark blue green paso with stripes and white shirt for boys and white blouse (Myanmar traditional style) for girls.
  • Candidates must compulsorily wear the student identity card inside the College Campus.
  • Any criminals such as fighting or gambling are not allowed inside or outside the school. Don’t make any disturbance to sexual harassment of females.
  • Smoking, chewing beetles, using drugs and drinking alcohol are prohibited.
  • Candidates are strictly forbidden from writing and sticking any papers on walls or notice board without permission.
  • Candidates are strictly prohibited from making any noise disturbing the studies of other students.
  • Only two students are allowed to ride motorcycles with safety helmets.
  • Candidates must drive vehicles in accordance with prescribed traffic rules.
  • Candidates must exactly obey the school principles or they will be seriously punished. If they commit the morale and moralities related to the rules and regulations, they will be sent to the parents.
  • The school starts at 8:30 am and ends at 3:30.
Note: Candidates are not allowed to wear and dress except from school uniform